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The Secrets of Volume

How often have you found a clear chart pattern, waited patiently, and established a position only to be quickly stopped out as the breakout turned out to be false? Though it has happened to all of us, in many cases careful analysis of the volume patterns would have kept you out of the trade.

If you analyze the trades you have made in the past year, I believe you will find that if you could have avoided just 10% of your trades, the performance would have been greatly improved. Trading strategies that can help you be more selective in the trades you take may be the key to dramatically improving your investing and trading performance.

Volume secrets

Volume precedes price is one of the cardinal beliefs held by most technicians. It first came to my attention in the late 1970s when I read Joe Granville’s book New Strategy of Daily Stock Market Timing for Maximum Profit, where he wrote “stocks do not rise in price unless demand exceeds supply. Demand is measured in volume and thus volume must precede price.”

The Secrets of Volume course will consist of two separate 90 minute interactive sessions with Tom and is available to only nine attendees. This will allow more interaction and each session will be followed by a Q&A session.

Course Details: In this unique three hour course Tom will help you to understand how the ability to determine the supply/demand of any market will increase the odds of your investing and trading success. After each class the attendees will be sent a series of review or test questions that will be discussed at the start of the next session. This is part of Tom’s hands on instruction process.

Session 1: Tom will explain three different ways to look at volume from the simple to the complex. Students will learn how the ability to read the longer term volume patterns can help them identify long and short term opportunities while avoiding mistakes. The first hour will test your ability to distinguish between valid volume divergences and those that you should avoid.

Tom will also take the students through a three step process in reading the OBV on a weekly and daily basis and where you can run his style of OBV analysis for free. Two other popular volume indicators will be explored

Session 2: In the final session Tom will show you why the multiple time OBV analysis is a key part of the in-depth process that can help you become more successful. The OBV Trigger  setup will also be explained as students will also learn how to use volume analysis along with pivot points and chart formations to set up trades. Examples for the coming week will be presented.

The attendees will also be introduced to a technical indicator that uses volume, open interest and price data. Tom will also share the do’s and don’ts of intra-day volume analysis and the techniques he uses to find good entry and exits points.

Following the course each student will receive a 1/2 hour mentoring session with Tom (a $75 value).

The tentative course dates are as follows and all are sessions will be scheduled on Saturday afternoons to avoid any conflict with work or distractions from the market action.

Session 1 – April 30th – 1:00 PM

Session 2 – May 7th – 1:00 PM
The cost of the course is $349 for the two sessions which includes all review materials.  Students will also receive a 30 minute mentoring session with Tom which is a $75 value.

Students will be invoiced by PayPal.

If you would like to sign up for this limited seating event please email us at wentworthresearch.com with Secrets of Volume in the subject line and we will then invoice you through PayPal for the course.

If you are interested but the dates do not fit your schedule please let us know as we will inform you of future classes.

Should you have any questions you can also call us at 215-901-2021.

Tom has a long history of teaching students about the markets as he has given over 60 presentations around the world and is critically acclaimed for his teaching ability.

Tim Slater, former President of Dow Jones Seminars and winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Association of Professional Technical Analysts had this to say about Tom

“A true student of the markets.”  Tom was a featured speaker with Dow Jones/Telerate/CompuTrac and traveled worldwide giving presentations to professional traders for many years.  His presentations were of the highest quality and integrity.  Attendees ranked his presentation, skills and techniques as superior. – Timothy Slater